My Child’s brain: Preparing for the teenage years

If this sounds familiar, then this video is for you…

It feels like your sweet child has disappeared overnight….no more cuddles, kisses and laughter. Now there’s door slamming, eye rolling, constant staring at the screen and conflict EVERY DAY.
The TEENAGE years are here! It feels like an alien has invaded your home and your child has changed overnight.

In order for mom, dad (and the teen) to survive the puberty years, we need to understand what is happening. In this video Mariska van der Meulen, Counsellor and parenting coach explains in simple and relevant terms what our children are going through. She discusses the development of their brains, hormones, sleep patterns, screen addiction, emotional ups and downs, sexuality, role of mom and dad and much more.

Get your copy now for R420 only.

This video gives you full time access to this valuable information, to watch in your own time.
Please note that our online and live presentation of the “Daughter’s brain” is R450 and same price for the “Son’s brain”. With this video you get both presentations combined for only R420!

Video Trailer

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"My Child’s brain: Preparing for the teenage years"

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