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Mariska brings her deep understanding and love of sharing information to her talks, information sessions and training. Having extensive experience as a counsellor and a National Training manager for a leading Education Corporate, together with several years in her capacity as a psychology lecturer, Mariska brings her subjects to life, providing new insights on subjects which are close to the heart of her audience.

If you have ever wondered about the illusive parenting manual, Mariska brings her knowledge and experience as a therapist and as a mother to her talks on different aspects of parenting.

Known for her versatility, Mariska customizes her topics around her audience, providing information in a nurturing, compassionate and non-judgmental environment.

Please Note:  if you can’t attend a workshop or course on a particular date or time, Mariska offers a special service, where you can book a one on one session with her for an abridged version of the essential points from the course.  Booking is for an hour or two at the normal session rate.

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The Teenage Client - 6 February 2021

Understanding teenagers and how to work with them; exploring the fundamentals.

A workshop for counsellors, teachers, psychologists, social workers (anyone working with teenagers)

Contact Alicia on 071 297 9992 for bookings and info

Trauma Bonding - 6 March 2021

Understanding and working with the emotionally abused partner. 

A workshop for counsellors, social workers, psychologists


Contact Alicia on 071 297 9992 for bookings and info

My Teenage Brain

My Daughter's Brain: Preparing for the teenage years

16 and 18 February 2021

My Son's Brain: Preparing for the teenage years

16 and 18 March 2021


Mariska facilitated a very informative talk on "My teenage daughter's brain" on the 29th and 31st of January 2019. View the feedback below.

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Wat 'n insiggewende 2 aande!!!
Die biologiese, sosiale, emosionele & sielkundige amalgamasie van konteks van informasie weergegee was só nodig. Dis beslis 'n 'werkswinkel' wat ek graag 'n 2de en selfs 'n derde keer sal bywoon.
Ek voel beslis nou beter ingelig ivm wat voorlê & is bewus van al die areas wat ek persoonlik moet aanspreek om my dogter se tienerjare net so bietjie minder van 'n rollercoaster te maak.
Baie werk wat gedoen moet word... but let the work start with me!

The information was extremely valuable and all parents with daughters need to obtain this information. The information provides insights and understanding for both the parent & the child. This enables a healthier relationship & allows parents to mentor and guide children for a strong long-term relationship, creating strong & confident individuals ready for the challenges that society will throw their way.

Looking forward to the 2nd and last evening of the "My teenage daughter's brain" informative talk tonight.
Mariska is an amazing speaker and has exceptional knowledge on this topic. I am a mom of an 11 year old girl and an 8 year old boy, and I can honestly and sincerely recommend this talk to all parents. I am most definitely attending the "My teenage son's brain" as well!

Thank you for the teenage daughter brain course, it changed our lives.